Gas Grills Shopping Guide

Gas Grills Shopping Guide

Summertime is rolling around again, and there is nothing more enjoyable than cooking chicken, burgers, hot dogs, and thick, juicy steaks on the grill. There's just something special about eating outdoors with friends and family!

Shopping for the perfect grill can be difficult. There are so many types on the market now with unbelievable features that could make your next barbeque the envy of all the neighbors. With so many brands and price ranges, there is a grill suited for every need - from simple charcoal grills to fancy grills with side burners, stainless steel construction, dish and utensil holders, and wheels for transporting.

What do you look for when shopping for the grill of your dreams?


Grills do not need to be expensive, and most fully functioning grills can be purchased for under $600. While stainless steel construction and special features may be impressive, that does not necessarily indicate that the grill will perform its duties well. A grill does not need to have striking cosmetic features to adequately meet your grilling needs.

Low Cost Grills: 

Small or medium-sized grills cook less than 30 burgers at a time and should do the trick for simple grilling. Features include: 

• Thin, porcelain steel grates 

• Cast-aluminum firebox and hood 

• Painted steel cart

Medium-Priced Grills:  

Medium-priced grills are sufficient for cooking 30 hamburgers but are lacking in additional features. These medium-sized, no-frills grills usually include standard features such as:  

• Electronic igniter  

• Side burner  

• Double storage doors  

• Stainless steel trim  

• Premium grates & burners  

• Extended warranties

Higher Cost Grills:  

These stylish medium to large grills have the same features as the medium-priced grills, but also include the following:  

• High quality, stainless steel exterior  

• Seamless construction  

• Excellent quality burners with extended warranty  

• Additional burners  

• Thicker grates  

• Rolling cart  

• Storage space


When looking for extra features on a grill, keep in mind that the construction materials and the design of the grill make a difference in how long the grill will last and how well it functions. However, if you are looking for quality features preferred by the majority of serious grillers, here are some suggestions as to what to look for:  

• Shelves for condiments, extra work space, and storage allows for easier food preparation. Side or folding shelves, attached cabinets and drawers provide ample storage for utensils and plates.  

• Bright LED lights for night grilling  

• Premium quality burners made of stainless steel, cast brass, or cast iron which outlast plain steel burners  

• Heavy duty grates made of stainless steel and coated cast iron are the more durable than bare cast iron and porcelain-coated grates.  

• Painted steel carts assembled with nuts and bolts are less sturdy than steel carts with welded joints.  

• Electronic igniters are preferred over push buttons, knob igniters, or lighting holes.  

• Fuel gauges indicate the amount of propane left in the tank. Gauges can be purchased separately if not included on the grill.  

• Side burners keep other dishes warm or sear meat without interfering with grilling.  

• Ventilated grill covers protect the grill from unfavorable weather conditions. Ventilated grill covers are recommended.


Some of the top brands and price ranges of grills are:  

Char-Broil: $100 - $750  

Kenmore: $140 - $1800  

Ducane: $300 - $500  

Fiesta: $200 - $900  

Jenn-Air: $600 - $1500  

Napoleon: $380 - $2500 

Weber: $130 - $3000