Road Trip To Canada

Road Trip To Canada

 Your Canadian road trip can take you all the way across the country if you want, or you can take a trip that spans only part of the country. The Trans-Canadian Highway runs from Newfoundland to British Columbia, but there are many more roads to choose from. Imagine the places you want to see when you drive across one of the most beautiful countries in the world. 

#1: The East Coast 

The east coast of Canada is beset with fishing villages and a nautical culture. You can stay in Nova Scotia or Newfoundland to enjoy fresh seafood or the crisp air from the sea. If you start on the east coast you will be able to drive all the way to Vancouver and take a flight home.


#2: Your Drive 

A drive across Canada is an adventure that brings you in touch with the countryside that makes up most of the country. Canada consists of a large amount of farmland, and you should remember that this farmland sits around every large city you will visit. You must plan your trip to take you to the places you would prefer to go, and you need to route the trip before you leave. Some of the largest cities in Canada are quite far from each other, and you may not want to zig zag from one city to another.

 #3: The Cities 

The cities that you visit in Canada all have a different flavor. Montreal is the hub of French culture in Canada, but Toronto is the most active city in the country. You can visit Winnipeg to catch a hockey game, or you can go to Edmonton to see the largest mall in North America. The rodeo is held in Calgary every year, and you can enjoy the warmth of the Pacific Ocean when you get to Vancouver. 

#4: The Ski Culture 

Two cities in Canada have hosted the Winter Olympics, and the ski culture in the country reaches from coast to the other. You do not have to take a full ski vacation in Canada, but you can take a detour from the smooth highways up to a ski resort in Calgary or Whistler. 

#5: The Culture 

Canada has a massive Inuit population that exists in the far northern reaches of each province. You may want to see a different side of Canada that is not like what you imagined. The country is filled with beautiful people who live absolutely gorgeous little towns. You can find the heart of the culture of Canada when you get off the main roads. and you will learn something about what Canada was like before it was settled.  

#6: Local Food 

When you take your road trip across Canada, you need to try all the local cuisine you can find. There are small immigrant communities all over the country, and the local game often determine what is for supper that night. Stopping in local restaurants is going to allow you to taste a bit of Canada in every stop.  

#7: Camping 

A road trip is often inspired by a love of the outdoors, and you can camp your way across Canada if you are so inclined. The trip that you take in Canada will leave you at a high enough latitude to see the Northern Lights, or you will be able to camp in places where wildlife roams free. There is so much undeveloped space in Canada that you will always see something new and beautiful. Your road trip to Canada can take any form you like. You can drive from east to west, visit the cities or sleep under the stars when you enjoy this beautiful and untouched land.