World's Most Extreme Road Trips

World's Most Extreme Road Trips

The Karakoram Highway

Location: The Karakoram Highway, or KKH, is a 1,200-kilometer (240-mile) stretch that begins in Abbottabad, Pakistan, winds through the Karakoram mountain range, and ends in Kashgar, China.

Ideal Time to Go: While the exact timing can be unpredictable due to weather and border control policies, aiming for the traditional spring (May-June) and autumn (September-October) seasons is a good strategy.

How to Do It: Public transit is the most practical way to tackle the KKH due to road conditions. Ensure you have your visas and necessary preparations in order before embarking on this historic route.

The Canning Stock Route

Location: The Canning Stock Route, a 1,820-kilometer (1,131-mile) desert highway, is entirely located within Western Australia, starting in Wiluna and ending in Hall's Creek.

Ideal Time to Go: The Australian wilderness is best explored during the winter months (May-September) to avoid extreme heat.

How to Do It: Obtain permits, plan meticulously, and equip a four-wheel drive vehicle for this three-week desert journey. The Canning Stock Route is not recommended for beginners.

El Camino de la Muerte

Location: Also known as the North Yungas Road, this treacherous Bolivian route starts in La Paz and ends in Coroico, Bolivia.

Ideal Time to Go: Avoid Bolivia's rainy season (December to March) for a safer journey.

How to Do It: Cycling this road is an exhilarating option, offering breathtaking views. Many adventurers continue their journey from Coroico for Amazonian expeditions.

The Manali-Leh Highway

Location: Starting in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, and ending in Leh, Ladakh, this 490-kilometer (305-mile) highway traverses stunning mountain passes and glaciers.

Ideal Time to Go: The Manali-Leh Highway is open during the summer months (June-October).

How to Do It: Opt for bus service specifically designed for the trip to prevent altitude sickness. Reserving a ticket in advance is crucial. Taxis are also available but be prepared for a challenging journey.

The Trans-Sahara Highway

Location: This epic 4,500-kilometer (2,700-mile) journey begins in Algiers, Algeria, and leads to Lagos, Nigeria, via Niger, mainly through the Sahara Desert.

Ideal Time to Go: Avoid the scorching summer and opt for the relatively cooler period between November and February.

How to Do It: This extreme adventure demands a high level of self-sufficiency, off-roading experience, and a sturdy four-wheel drive vehicle. Navigating local laws and political instability is part of the challenge.

Closing Thoughts

The road is calling, and if you're brave, adventurous, and hungry for excitement, these five extreme road trips await your exploration. Prepare thoroughly and embark on the journey of a lifetime. Good luck!